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The Postal Stationery Society of Australia (PSSA) was set up in October 1995 to encourage the study and collection of postal stationery, a field which had often tended to be a neglected part of philately in Australia.


Aims of the PSSA

The Society aims to enable collectors to share information and assist each other with forming their collections and keeping in touch with new trends, particularly the issuing of new types of postal stationery.

We encourage all collectors of postal stationery to become members. Membership is not limited to collectors and researchers of either Australian Colonies or Commonwealth of Australia postal stationery, nor is membership limited to residents of Australia.

The Society is not based in a particular Australian city. Opportunities are taken to meet regularly at National exhibitions and on similar occasions involving gatherings of philatelists. Office bearers come from different States, and there is a Coordinator for each state, also one for New Zealand.


Postal Stationery Collector

The Society produces a journal Postal Stationery Collector four times each year. It is now produced in full colour, and aims to serve as a means of communication between members, and to facilitate the exchange of ideas, news and information about postal stationery, primarily that of Australia. It has developed into an important source of up-to-date information about postal stationery recently issued by Australia Post, particularly No Value Indicated (NVI) stationery, which is often not recorded in the literature elsewhere.

Members are strongly encouraged to contribute to the journal, and all manner of contributions are sought. It is a vehicle for the research of members, and also features reviews of and notes about newly-published catalogues and handbooks on the postal stationery of many countries. Most back issues of the journal in paper format are available from the Secretary (see Contact Information below).

A comprehensive index to the journal (to the end of Volume 18, 2012) has now been developed. It is planned that it will be made available to members through a link on the Society website.


Back issues of Postal Stationery Collector online

These are available to members through the webpage.  All issues from No 42 (May 2005) are available on the site as pdf files in full colour. Earlier issues are available as well but in most cases are in black and white only.

The back issues are accessed by clicking on the Members link on the home page. A logon and a password are needed. For access please contact the Editor on ian.mcmahon4@bigpond.com.


PSSA webpage

The Society’s webpage can be found at www.postalstationeryaustralia.com . It features covers and contents pages of recent issues of Postal Stationery Collector, and a link to the online Listing of Australian non-denominated and flat rate postal stationery November 2010.  There is also a link to information about the FIP Postal Stationery Commission, and links to postal stationery collectors’ groups in other countries.



Contact Information

For more information, please contact the Secretary, Ms Judy Kennett, either by post or by email. Postal address: PO Box 16, ULMARRA NSW 2462 AUSTRALIA

Email: jkennett@tpg.com.au

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